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The You Cans are characters who help children with decisions in life. They were created to connect with children on their level and to give them tools to inspire them to be all that they can be! The topics they cover are Self-Esteem, Character Building, Team Building and Knowing Their Gifts and Talents. Classes are held for personal growth and team building in the home as at interactive classes. Meet the You Cans below!

Miss Opportunity


Miss Opportunity is the guide through You Can Land sharing the adventures along the way. She shares where the You Cans are going as well as what lessons can be learned while spending time with the You Cans.








The Sure I. Cans: Kan & Kanna – Kan and Kanna are very kind! They are sister and brother. They know what their skills are and they like to share their knowledge with others. Kan is really good at drawing!. Kanna loves to read books and likes to play soccer.









The Best I. Cans: JP & Lynnia – JP and Lynnia are really excited to learn new things.  They know that they don’t have to be great to start something. All they have to do is start and they will learn as they go, and have fun while they do it!

JP once took 3rd place in a race and was very proud of himself because he did his best!
Lynnia is his sister and sings beautifully. Her favorite song to sing is, “It’s Your Opportunity.”







The Coulda Beans – Shoulda, Woulda, Oughta, can usually be found sitting on a fence, or in the background feeling bummed out. They really want to try new things, but they are afraid to try, because many things hold them back and they lack confidence. The Can’t Ants usually put them down and make fun of their ideas. Shoulda usually is the one with the regrets, Woulda always has an excuse, and Oughta has good ideas, but never seems to get around to seeing the ideas through to the end.




The Can’t Ants – These three characters are always up to no good. They try to make sure the others don’t do new things or succeed. There are many reasons why they hurt others. Often, it is because they are insecure and don’t trust themselves, so they try to hold others back. The Coulda Beans are usually the ones to listen to them. Even though The Can’t Ants make fun of the rest of the characters, the other characters usually ignore them because they listen to the TooCans!



The Too Cans – Mr. Insight is the wise teacher who has taught for many years. Mr. Mentor is the student teacher in Mr. Insight’s classroom. They share their wisdom with the You Can students, give advice, and encourage the characters to work together. They also help them when the Can’t Ants come around.





Chicky – Chicky is such a fun, little chick! She is the one The You Cans love to have with them wherever they go. She makes everyone’s day bright and cheery with her upbeat attitude and twinkle in her eye! She loves to encourage others!




Ticky – Ticky is always nearby ticking and singing away. He keeps The You Cans on track by letting them know how they spend their time creates their story. He also helps them recognize and focus on what is important in life!


The You Cans and Their Big Adventure – A Video of The You Cans Adventure


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