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photo[1]As a motivational messenger, I share my message of “Celebrating the Journey”! The participants of my classes are much like individuals that surround us daily at work, home, or church. I strive to create an atmosphere where individuals are empowered to see even a small glimpse of the possibilities they are capable of. The spark of excitement engrained in people’s minds forever from the energy created by the belief of “Oh Yes I Can!” makes speaking and telling my story all worth it.

During my presentations I share some of the struggles and challenges I have faced and overcome. I also share stories others have asked me to share in hopes that their story may touch someone else’s life. The emotions that come up are amazing. We laugh, we cry, we reminisce, most of all we learn to Celebrate the Journey.

Audience Listening To Presentation At ConferenceI am passionate for others to see the potential they have within them from the classrooms of kindergarden to the celebration of a 101st birthday.

My classes are all geared to what you are looking for. The ideas of what you are looking to receive from my class are implemented into my classes. No two classes are the same.


The ticks and tocks of time create the beat of who you are and how you spend your time. The rocking of your heart is what moves you. It is what you feel passionate about.

The Cracked Pot

Our reflection is merely the reflection of God’s hands at work. So many people are trying to hide their imperfections, when quite truly our imperfections my be something others love about us. When we work with our imperfections wonderful things happen, we touch other people in ways we can never fully imagine.