How You Cans Started


Missy Ohe as a child  PHOTOSnapshot of the past 43 years! As a child, I was creative. I was always coming up with one idea after another. I was also known to be very talkative! I remember my mom telling me, “Missy, you better find a job where you can talk!”

Schooling wasn’t easy for me. In fact, I struggled at times. Even though I had great parents and grew up in a great family, my self-esteem was pretty low. I believe it was as a result of my poor grades. I remember thinking something must be wrong with me or that I wasn’t good enough since I wasn’t able to get good grades.


IMG_4964Now as an adult, I realize that people are all born with different talents and skills. My creative nature and my talkative side have flourished since! I became a speaker, giving people tools to share their skills and abilities. Today, I help children and adults of all ages with tools to build confidence, connect with one another and be all that they can be!

The You Cans are characters I created to help children with decisions in life. They connect with children on their level to give them tools to inspire them to be all that they can be! The topics they cover are Self-Esteem, Character Building, Team Building and Knowing Their Gifts and Talents. Visit the You Cans page to meet them today!