Book Missy to be Your Personal Coach!

Ohe 2014_11 _131Hello! Thank you for setting aside time today to look at my website. I enjoy hearing from people like you.

Let me begin by talking about the purpose of time spent with me as your coach.

I’m here to help you to continue your journey of intentionality and internalize it by coaching you based upon your insights and discovery.

You may not know this, but coaching is not about giving advice. It’s about asking questions to help people improve their thinking and take action that shapes positive results in their lives.

The most important lessons tend to come from our own life experience and how to apply those lessons to make positive changes in our lives. That’s what I intend to help you do.

During the time I spend with my coaching clients I ask questions. These questions help me understand you and your process better, and, more importantly, they will bring greater clarity to what you have already learned both personally and professionally.

Feel free to look through my website to see some of the things that I have done over the years. These items will give you an overview of my background.

I am looking forward to hearing from you as to how I may help you live intentionally and to bring greater success to your life.